Our concept around software dev outsourcing with nearshored model:

  1. Audit current state of your dev project
  2. Evaluate based on your technology stack and nature of your business/project what type of outsourcing partner would be suitable for you and how to adjust your operations to operate successfully with nearshored model
  3. Based on evaluation we deliver information about country profiles, cities and our outsourcing partners for you and together we asses what would be the most suitable option for you
  4. Negotiations held with potential outsourcing partners about operational model and general terms and conditions) -> Outsourcing service provider delivers offer for their services

Usually these four initial phases can be handled inside few weeks. Once potential partner has been identified and offers are in the table, final decision is done by the board of directors regarding investing to outsourced operation.

Once partner to operate with has been chosen, planning phase begins. Product owner responsible for managing the team will be prepared for the task of managing outsourced dev team.

  • Pilot scope will be tailored and specified in details
  • Tools and communication methods will be configured
  • Team lead candidates will be introduced

Success of the project is often determined already in the preliminary phases. In order to succeed with outsourced operations, client needs to transform internal processes, tools and mindset to enable successful collaboration with the outsourcing partner. is extremely dedicated in helping you to set up dev operations successfully.

Contact us and we can discuss in details about your current project and potential outsourcing options.



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