Team Building

Typical roles in agile Scrum team

Typically scrum team consists from product owner, scrum master and the team. Roles are described below.

Typical challenges related to team building are related to finding right people, adjusting roles and working methods and eventually to operational challenges.

How to build agile teams

When building agile team it´s obviously easy to begin with one team. When operating with one team processes are easy to adjust and whole team is able to contribute into developing processes based on remarks that arises during operative work.

When scaling to multiple teams, structure becomes more complex due to dependencies when teams are deploying to the same dev/release branch. Also what it comes to the ticketing system and project management framework as a whole, each team requires own board, backlog and potentially dashboard etc additional elements.

When scaling up for several teams, it is necessary to implement specific processes and tools for communication, e.g. by utilizing team collaboration softwares. From the process management aspect, deadlines and procedures are required as a framework for steering teams towards preferred outcome.

When operating with outsourced dev teams, structure and processes varies in terms of how to organize communication and team events, but what it comes into actual implementation, same tools can be utilized for the management.

In order for the team to contribure successfully, it is critical that the product owner and scrum master understands each other and collaborates well. Tools needs to be configured properly for the project and it is essential to set project framework in terms of guidelines, procedures and deadlines for the teams, as otherwise risk for doing double work, overhead in testing, failing with regressions etc increases.

There are variable ways to make this combination work and is happy to consult you in how to build up your teams and organize your team structure.



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