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In addition of the project management and product development advisory services, offers advisory in establishing software development operations with the nearshoring model. Our goal is to help our clients to find suitable outsourcing partner and set up software development operation successfully with the selected partner. 

Agile project management

With agile project frameworks, our expertise is build around Scrum, as it provides excellent tools for managing complex software development projects.

Product development

Product development strategies varies a lot and there are alternative approaches for implementing strategies and methods.

Concept in nearshoring

Nearshoring is outsourcing of business processes, especially information technology processes, to companies in a nearby country.

During the era of digital transformation it is challenging to find talented dev resources with competitive prices.

Why do we exist?

  • Due to rapid rise in demand of software development prices have skyrocketed in the Northern Europe
  • In the current trend developers are rather keen to work through domestic outsourcing vendors to optimize return for efforts and to stay engaged in exciting projects
  • Companies are often forced to buy resources from the third party vendor
  • Due to high demand prices of domestic outsourcing service providers have increased significantly
  • We want to offer our customers possibility to utilize cost efficient and vast pool of talent located in the Eastern Europe by helping them to establish nearshored software development operations successfully

Our mission

  • Bring added value for your business by optimizing your software development cost level and resource pool
  • Transform your processes to scale with nearshoring based outsourcing requirements
  • Improve your development units performance and capacity

When you select outsourcing partner to collaborate with, pricing should not be your highest priority, although it is obviously essential argument, especially if you compare average prices between cost efficient outsourcing sites and general ICT price level in the Nordics. Slider below provides rough estimate how software development hourly price varies between Nordics domestic and nearshored production models. is independent advisory services provider. We operate in the European region and our domicile is located in Helsinki. Our outsourcing partners are located in the Eastern Europe.



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